Monday, 15 March 2010

Monsters Inc 2 - Monsters Inc Movie Sequel

Monsters Inc 2 the movie sequel to Disney Pixar's Monsters IncThe first Monsters Inc movie grossed over $525.4 million worldwide. Since it's been bought by Disney, making sequels is now part of Pixar's DNA. So we may fairly assume that a movie that grossed over $525.4 million worldwide will get a sequel sooner or later.

There's nothing official yet about this movie sequel to Monsters Inc. Pete Docter who directed the first film even denied the rumors about Monsters 2 Inc going into production for a potential release in 2012 or 2013.

But we know better. We're quite sure that Disney Pixar is planning a new adventure for the monsters Jake and Sully. And actually the well-connected LatinoReview did get confirmation from a reliable insider source. So we may allow ourselves to get ready for the movie Monsters Inc 2!

Meanwhile let's watch the movie trailer of the first Monsters Inc movie:

Now let's think about the potential plot of Monsters Inc 2: a rumor involves a grown-up Boo going back to Monstropolis, but this would kind of sounds like Alice in Wonderland... So I hope Disney Pixar will come up with something else. What would you suggest for the plot of the movie Monsters Inc 2?

Update 1: Disney Pixar confirmed the sequel to "Monsters Inc.," and announced that it will be released on November 16, 2012!